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Team member requirements

  • Team members must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is consistent and growing through prayer, Bible reading and church fellowship.

  • Team members must be committed attendees and givers at our church, including regular attendance at Sunday Services.

  • Team members should soak their ministry in prayer and attend church prayer meetings when they can.

  • Team members are expected to live a lifestyle that is above reproach. Being “up front,” adds extra responsibility because people see worship team members as examples of what a Christian should be like. Therefore, it is vital that we consider the way we treat each other and carefully guard our hearts from impurities and pride.

  • Team members must demonstrate some technical competence as either a singer, musician or audio/media technician.

  • Team members must be comfortable on stage and expressive in their praise and worship before God, not letting the congregation determine their level of expression. Sometimes a congregation may not seem engaged in worship. As leaders, we always need to be engaged. Show them an example of how to express worship. They may need to see our worship in order to learn how to express their own.

  • Team members must be sincere. Worship from your heart. We are leading people from all different circumstances, so remember that a warm sincere smile can convey more than we  realize.

Worship practice

  • Practices are scheduled every Thursday night. Worship team members should aim to arrive about 7:15 in order to set up microphones and instruments so that we can have a prompt 7:30 start.

  • Practices aim to finish by 9:00

  • We will endeavour to maintain good discipline during practices to ensure we get the most out of the short time we have.

  • We will pray together before and after practice.

  • Those who are taking part on Sunday should make every effort to be present at the Thursday night practice. This includes those on the tech team.

  • Those who are not taking part in the next Sunday service are also encouraged to attend at least once a month. This will foster team spirit and give everyone an opportunity to learn new songs and spend time worshipping together. It will also give everyone an opportunity to acquire a basic knowledge of the sound desk, word projection software and broadcasting equipment.

  • Worship songs should be circulated to the team at least two full days before the practice so that people can familiarise themselves with them.

  • Regular social nights will be organised throughout the year; usually quarterly on a Thursday night in place of a practice. We will need to use previously well practiced songs for the following Sunday.

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Sunday mornings

  • The worship team should arrive no later than 9:15am to get set up and sound check

  • Sunday mornings should not be a time to practice what we should have learnt on Thursday evenings: going over stuff again. It should be a time to pray together and spend a short time in worship prior to the service beginning: preparing our own hearts for what God will surprise us with today.

  • If a new song is being introduced that morning it could be used as part of our pre-service worship

  • Worship team members who are in the congregation on Sundays are encouraged to lead by example and show support to their teammates on the platform.

  • Mobile phones should be silenced in church, especially on the platform and only used as a last resort for Bible readings etc.

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  • Worship teams often find themselves under spiritual attack and we need to stand together and pray for one another. Team members are encouraged to seek prayer from the team if they feel under pressure or discouraged.

  • It’s important that we foster an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.

  • We need to be supportive towards each other; being instructive and nurturing but never critical.

  • We need to build each other up in love.

  • Everyone should leave practices having enjoyed the time together and feeling uplifted.

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A commitment to improve

  • In order to give our best it’s important that we commit to improving our playing and singing with regular practice: fanning into flame the gift that God has given us.

  • Finding time to practice and improve should become part of our regular routine.

  • We can learn from each other and use the internet and any other available resources to ensure we give our very best to God.

  • Sharing of new songs and practice resources could be directed to team members via the WhatsApp group.

  • A basic knowledge for the whole team on the tech is encouraged - Organised training to be provided.

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An established list of songs

  • It is really helpful for everyone if we are using the same music

  • The person leading worship has a responsibility to ensure that everyone is provided with a list of songs to be used the following Sunday. These should be circulated by email to the team at least two full days before the practice.

  • Whilst it is fine for people to use different apps and sources for personal practice, a system is in place via this website to a full bank of songs currently used at Acorn. These will be updated each time a new song is introduced. This song bank will include the songs both with and without chords.

  • Reference to the song bank each week will enable practices to run more smoothly as we won’t have to compare each other’s music and will never ask the question, “have I got the same chords as you?” or “what chords have you got?”

  • The Worship Leader has the discretion to make minor changes to the songs, such as repeating verses, changing the key etc. and the worship team should be open to this.

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The Worship Rota

  • The rota will normally cover a period of one month.

  • Team members will receive an email asking for availability; please reply promptly by giving dates that you are available and specify how many times a month you would like to serve. 

  • Only one reminder will be sent out after the first email asking for availability: no one likes to feel they are being pestered.

  • If you become available after the rota is issued please get in touch and we will try to fit you in.

  • The worship team rota will be posted on the website and an email sent out to let people know it is posted.

  • During the month changes may be necessary so please check each week to see if you are down to serve.

Maintaining freedom and fostering God's presence

  • Our aim is to lead people into God’s presence, to allow the Holy Spirit to minister and for Spiritual gifts to flow: creating space for God to move and giving people time to receive.

  • We should encourage a response from others by being responsive ourselves.

  • We need to remember that we are worshiping the Lord, not just singing songs.

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