Small Groups

Continuing online via Zoom - get in touch for details 

The Bible says we are formed for fellowship so we believe it is important to provide opportunities for people to get to know each other at a deeper level than a Sunday service might provide. It’s no coincidence that Jesus had a small group that he hung around with for mutual support and to provide a setting for the disciples to grow in faith and service. 






Acorn Community Church is a church of small groups. We believe the most effective way of having a growing and caring, yet outward looking community is by offering every person an opportunity to participate in a small group during the week. 

When are they on?
What are they like?

Currently we have small groups running on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings in a variety of locations. 

Each Small Group varies, but they tend to meet in homes and include refreshments, socialising, bible study & discussion, sharing and prayer. Groups usually involve 10-12 people. 

How can I get involved in a Small Group?
Current Small Group topics

If you would like to know more or are interested in joining a group please speak with the Small Group Co-ordinators, John or Sheila Hodgson or fill in the contact form asking for details

Some small groups follow the Sunday morning service topic whilst other groups follow a running theme - for example; Questions God Asked.

Our Small Group Leaders
What do people say about Small Groups?
John and Sheila Hodgson
Chris and Susan Peacock
Dean and Becky Titterton
Julia Wilthew

"You really get to know and care for each other"

"Its easier to share with a group of people you can really trust, knowing they will pray and support you"

"Laugher, fun and friendship"

"I love discussing the Bible and listening to other peoples thoughts - its helped me understand so much and helped me grow in my faith"

" My friends in Small Group are a great encouragement to me when I'm facing life challenges"

"I know that my friends in Small Group will remember to pray for me when they say they will because they seem to genuinely care"

"I always come away from Small Group having learnt something new

"We encourage each other to live in God's purposes"