Parent & Toddler (COVID-19 update)

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic we have ceased running the Acorn CC Parent & Toddler group for the time being

This will continue to be reviewed, but we hope to reopen in september 2021. Please check this page again towards the end of the summer

Acorn run a very popular Parent & Toddler group two mornings a week during term time.

If you have pre-school children and would like to meet other mums (and a few dads!) whilst giving your own kids space to play, please feel free to come along on Tuesdays  (9.30-11.00am). 

It is an ‘open’ group and we take children with parents/carers on a first come/first served basis, usually restricting numbers of children to between 24 and 28 per session.

You pay on arrival -, £1.00 per adult and 50p per child.

During the sessions the child remains the full responsibility of their parent/carer and you are welcome to use any of the activities as appropriate to the child’s age and preferences.

Activities available include Drawing Table; Book Table; Tray Jigsaw Table; Slide, Trampoline, play-mat with garage and cars; dolls, Playmobile and Lego figures and activity walkers.... and so much more

At an appropriate time during the sessions water, toast , fruit and a biscuit is provided for the children and adults can have tea or coffee and a biscuit too!

We have a short song time before the session finishes

For more information... please fill in our contact sheet on our home page