Everyone playing their part


There are many people who serve in a leadership capacity at Acorn - helping the various ministries and areas of the church to function effectively. We believe that it is a privilege to be called to lead within the body of Christ and we greatly value those who contribute in this way

Acorn – Leadership Team

Acorn Community Church has a Leadership Team who oversee and care for the church, as well as helping others to develop their own leadership skills.


Dean and Becky Titterton

Dean joined Acorn Community Church in May 2009 when he migrated from the Midlands to the North East owing to a career move.

Dean's mission and desire is to understand the issues that face those individuals and communities that are most at risk in the local community, and help bring the 'Love of God' to them in a real and purposeful way.

As a leader of the church his key focus and strength is to help navigate the vision and strategy of Acorn that ultimately will help it as a church community to make key decisions that can help deliver the mission.

Dean's background is in Business and for the last 20 years as a senior leader in the world of the voluntary sector/charities. He is currently the CEO of YMCA North Tyneside Group a North East charity that works with young people and communities across a diverse range of services.

When not being run ragged at home by his beautiful wife and three girls, Dean likes to escape by playing golf and going on the odd run. Dean also likes holidays, going out for meals and of course having the odd glass of red wine.


Sheila and John Hodgson

Sheila has been a member of Acorn for more than 38 years and during that time she has served God in many areas of ministry in the church. 


She works alongside the worship team on audio and visuals. She heads up the small groups at Acorn with her husband John and together they lead two of the small groups.


Sheila brings her prophetic ministry to the church, her passion being to see the Holy Spirit move and to see lives changed.


Sheila preaches on a regular basis and likes to bring her creative and quirky side to help people understand the word of God in a meaningful and practical way.


She currently works for a local Building Society where she supports it's branch network.

Sheila is also a Dementia Champion and  delivers Dementia Friends awareness sessions in the community.

Friends and family time are so important to Sheila and when she's not walking in the countryside with John she loves spending time with people, especially her three daughters and six grandchildren.

Davidand Hilary.jpg

Hilary and David Atkinson

Hilary and David have been married for 51 years, and have two grown up daughters living abroad, with their families.

They have been following the Lord since the late 70's. They enjoy corporate praise and worship. Both believe in the power of prayer and in spending time in reverent silence, in prayer and meditation, before the Lord.

Hilary preaches in the church and has the gift of encouragement, which she uses to encourage people to read, believe, and act upon the Word of God.

The church has Communion on a regular basis and both Hilary and David have a passion for the serving with the group responsible for preparing and conducting it.

Aside from church, Hilary enjoys reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, and walking in the countryside. She enjoys cooking, and both like to entertain and fellowship with others over a meal

Acorn Church Board - Looking after the practical aspects of church

Julia Wilthew

Church Secretary

John Hodgson


Roy Lemberger

Church Treasurer

Children and Young People

Wesley Tudor

Youth Worker

Becky Titterton

Children and Family Worker