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George Jeffreys. 

Acorn Community Church is part of the Elim family of churches, which accounts for approximately 550 churches in the UK. The Elim Pentecostal denomination was founded in 1915 and gained great impetus through an outstanding young evangelist and church planter called George Jeffreys. 

The name ‘Elim’ was taken from the Bible passage Exodus 15:27 - where the Israelites, exhausted and dispirited en route from Egypt’s cruel bondage to freedom in Canaan, came to an oasis in the desert (Elim). As the denomination grew with amazing rapidity against the background of decline in the historic churches, this setting proved to be a fitting symbol of spiritual refreshing. 

During World War II Elim continued to grow and establish itself as a major force for the spread of Christianity not only in the UK but around the world. Today there is over 9,000 Elim churches world-wide amongst 185 million Christians who are a part of a Pentecostal church.


‘Pentecost’ literally means “fiftieth” and was the name given to a feast recorded in the Old Testament that took place 50 days after the Passover. Pentecost came to prominence when God poured out his Holy Spirit to empower the early church. On that day (as recorded in Acts chapters 1 & 2) well over 3,000 people became Christians and God demonstrated his love through healings and other miraculous signs.

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