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Leadership At acorn

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John and Debbie Bullock

John & Debbie met and married in Blackpool in 1987. They went to Bible College in the same year and after John had finished training, 1989, they were posted to the Rhondda Valley, South Wales.


After 9 years there, they went to Tanzania, East Africa to serve as Elim Missionaries - along with their two kids, aged 6 & 7.


In the year 2001, they went back to South Wales where they pastored the church they’d left in 1998 for another 13 years.

After their second stint in Wales, it was back to Tanzania for 6 years. They were involved with various ministries, building church, taking in orphans, supporting girls who were caught up in human trafficking and much more.


Then in 2019, they were asked to take up the senior pastor role of the Elim Church in Newcastle.


More recently, John was asked to consider becoming senior pastor of the Elim church in Whitley Bay and after much prayer and talks, it came to pass at the beginning of 2024. John & Debbie are very excited to be overseeing two great churches - One in the City and one on the Coast! 

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Martin Rigg




Martin retired from a career in waste management in 2017. Before that, he worked in Christian

ministry for eleven years. He has a passion for evangelism and uses sketchboard painting in outreach


He runs Alpha Courses and is a regular preacher at Acorn.


He and his wife, Shirley, have been
members of Acorn for 28 years. They have two sons. In his spare time, Martin likes cycling and

Martin is looking forward to working with John and Debbie Bullock to the next phase of the Acorn story.

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Tel: 07963 547436

Sheila Hodgson




Sheila has been a member of Acorn for more than 40 years and during that time she has served God in many areas of ministry in the church. 


She works alongside the worship team on audio and visuals. She heads up the small groups at Acorn with her husband John.


Sheila brings her prophetic ministry to the church, her passion being to see the Holy Spirit move and to see lives changed.


Sheila preaches on a regular basis and likes to bring her creative and quirky side to help people understand the word of God in a meaningful and practical way.

Contact Details


Tel: 07913 005392

Dean Titterton


Church leader

Dean has been a member of Acorn since moving to the North East in 2009. He works as a CEO of a local charity and is married to Becky who heads up the Children and Family work at the church.

Dean's mission and desire is to understand the issues that face those individuals and communities that are most at risk in the local community, and help bring the 'Love of God' to them in a real and purposeful way.

Dean and Becky have three girls and whilst not tending to their many needs he enjoys most sports, particularly  football and golf, keeping fit, and holidaying abroad.

Contact Details


Tel: 07913 005392

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